Hello My Name is Juan Miguel Avina, founder of MandJ Hardscapes LLC, as well as my wife Maria Ibarra Co-founder of the company, we both work together to build a a better future for our selves and family, and we are proud for what we do, and have achieved during the past 20+ Years in business and expertise.

This Company is a small Family owned company, for that reason we take our jobs very seriously and précised, we work with our clients with every desire they have for their home projects, we provide information, Free estimates, and with my expertise (Juan Miguel Avina) I can recommend what would be good, and what would be bad when it comes to these projects. Therefore we are determine to add great value to your home, and give you a beautiful finishing project, and complete them quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our team, enjoy seeing our clients happy reactions when the home projects are finished, so let us take care of your needs, and we will be more than happy to work with your future Projects.